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How can you can the AFL/NRL live pass

WTF. What happened to AFL and NRL live pass. I spend over $2000 a year with Telstra and now I have to pay for a service that we used to get for free. Even though I’ve been with Telstra for 30 years I’m not impressed with the pay for something we used to get for free and enjoy. Looks like it’s time to change telecommunications company this is a sad day indeed just another kick in the guts for the Aussie battlers

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Re: How can you can the AFL/NRL live pass

Not to mention, I bet where before it was data free streaming but now you pay for data usage, what a joke

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Re: How can you can the AFL/NRL live pass

Hi @madmatem 


It's all about streaming rights, that Kayo/Foxtel has.


Telstra apparently has "on-demand rights" but not sure what that is?


But I prefer to pay $5 and watch all matches on TV than trying to watch it on a piddly mobile device.



Someone keeps putting vegetables in my beer crisper :-(

Footnote: I don't work for Telstra, I just try to help out fellow Telstra customers.
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Re: How can you can the AFL/NRL live pass

It's bull**bleep** that I have to pay extra and use my data for a service that was provided to me through my Telstra contract. It's not good enough Telstra, if it was data free kayo streaming id be more willing to pay for it.


Looking forward to moving providers once my contract is over. 

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