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How do I get $20 AFL tickets?

On the AFL for GWS v Sydney game there is a button for $20 tickets with a Telstra logo. When I follow this it takes me to Ticketek and no mention of being a Telstra member or anything like that. I was charged $25 for each adult ticket. How do I get to $20 tickets? I am a Telstra customer for mobile and NBN. Many thank, Pat.

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Re: How do I get $20 AFL tickets?

Hello @Patevans,


Thanks for your messaging us on Crowd Support.


With Covid related restrictions Telstra Plus tickets are currently on very low

allocations or not available at all for some matches, club members get first allocation.


For this reason we have removed many of the links and promotional material for the

$20 tickets until restrictions are lifted. Can you please clarify exactly where you saw

$20 tickets advertised for the GWS v Sydney match?

In the App we have removed the link in the Match Centre, when you click on the match itself

there is still a link that says 'Buy Tickets', but no mention of pricing.

The AFL website also makes no mention of $20 Telstra tickets when selecting the GWS v Sydney

match. If you could please clarify where you saw $20 tickets advertised we can remove the link,

once there are Telstra Plus tickets allocated when restrictions are lifted we will restore the link

to $20 tickets.


Please let us know if there are any further questions or concerns.



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Re: How do I get $20 AFL tickets?

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for responding regarding the $20 tickets availability for AFL games. Unfortunately, the advertising was still in place not long before the match was due to kick-off as you can see by the screenshot of the AFL app from my phone.

Kind regards,Pat


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