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Reimbursement of AFL Live Pass

Can anyone tell me how to speak with an actual person responsible for finances of 'Telstra Applications Melbourne'?  My next step if I can't speak with anyone is to make a complaint through the ACCC.  It is so easy (so it seems) to activate an account but so much harder to inquire, cancel or dispute one.  This is unconscionable!


I thought I signed up for AFL Live Pass for 1 month at the beginning of the 2017 AFL Season.  I work Overseas and recently noticed an unexplained monthly amount of $16.99 coming off my MasterCard. It said on my statement it was from 'Telstra Applications Melbourne'. It had been coming off every Month since May 2017 and I thought my wife, working and living in another city had an account set up with Telstra (until she recently questioned me about it).


I did not know what this was for so rang Telstra finance section only to be told by them that they couldn't tell me what it was for and i would need to enquire through my Bank. Thanks a lot Telstra!


My Bank cancelled my Mastercard on suspicion of fraudulent activity, issued me a new mastercard and commenced an investigation.  The conclusion of which, I was informed the matter was now closed; and as it went too far back, there was to be no form of reimbursement. I have since now had to call over 30 companies and organisations to set up auto debit to settle my ongoing financial obligations whilst I'm away Overseas working.


So after speaking with Telstra and my Bank I still could still not figure out what this ongoing payment was for.  I had no accounts with Telstra as far as I was aware.


I started googling 'Telstra Applications Melbourne' and came up with a few suggestions. One of which, was AFL Live which twigged a slight memory of activating this for what I thought was for 1 month early last footy season.


Not knowing I had an ongoing AFL Live account, I didn't try to use or benefit from it.  Furthermore, I'm perplexed and confused how I could still be expected to make automatic monthly payments since the end of the 2017 Football season. Today I eventually found a way to cancel the ongoing subscription; and at the time of doing so, saw that the subscription was due to cancel on 20 March (this month).


Whilst I must accept some responsibility for activating a yearly subscription when I only intended it to be for 1 month, I must seek closure by highlighting my confusion and its unfortunate financial burden this has had on me and my family to inform others of my experience so it does not hopefully happen to someone else.  One thing for sure, I have learnt my lesson and never again will I be subscibing to anything online.

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Re: Reimbursement of AFL Live Pass

Hi @StevoGCoaster


Thanks for your post and I am sorry to read that you were not aware of this subscription and the ongoing nature. As per the terms, it will continue until requested to cancel from your end. You can do this online, through the App or if stuck by contacting us.


I am happy to review this for you and ensure this is cancelled for you now. I will send you a private message now.


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