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Scalping AFL style.

The afl are delusional if they think  crowds are down due to covid. The hijacking of tickets by ticketech means what ever price they think you might pay is quoted  15 searches through ticketech all within the same section gave 15 different prices, ranging from 55 dollars to 595 dollars, despite searching for general tickets with a price of 18 dollars next to search. Had the general admission tickets at ground been available, I would have purchased as normal. With only 1 outlet they are charging whatever they guess they could get for tickets with pie in the sky prices, fool me once shame on you, to pay 250 for 4 tickets was akin to theft, as when I got to the ground there were 35,000 unsold tickets. Yet despite multiple searches the best price I could find was 65 dollars. I normally organise the crowd when I go to footy and take a group, I have been to hundreds of games. The price was disgusting and blatant theft and there is not a chance I will be fooled into buying ticketech hijack priced tickets again and the thought the afl could let the blatant theft go unnoticed means they are complicit in the theft, triple prices and being treated like a leper and potential walking disease makes it an unenjoyable experience and easy to stay away. The pretence about keeping people safe is  laughable to most humans. They are so concerned they box the crowd together for tv ratings to make it look like a crowd when they zoom in, meanwhile every person there could have 10 sq metres if they spaced then out, or sat them  in the groups they went to the footy with. Instead they jam anyone paying normal price way up the back where visibilty is poor, and leave all the hijacked priced seats empty because not many want to pay 4 times the price. Its been nearly a full season, yet the AFL who could easily allow you  to purchase at the ground to avoid the corporate scalping, hide behind the covid policy that hasnt made sense once with the way they seat and stack people, so I guess the bigger the loss the bigger the compensation, so its in their interest to lose as much as possible, for tax breaks and other incentives, gambling on not losing the crowds meantime and failing completely. I as head of our group will never attend another match as I hate corporate greed and the complicit arrogance by the AFL combined with the sheer stupidity when controlling crowds of not be able to move to another seat with more space to keep safe  From the few times I have been this year, my experience was feeling like a queue member in solvent green, waiting to be turned into food, like a sheep, a mutt who must follow direction no matter how stupid, for this priviledge  I should pay 3 times normal price to a greedy interloper  with no bearing on the match, to be treated like I dont matter. 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Scalping AFL style.

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If you have a problem about the pricing and availability of tickets, you will need to take that up with the AFL directly.

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