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Bluetooth issues Android 4.3 - HTC One

I have an HTC One, running Android 4.3. I can't get it to connect to the bluetooth in my car. It won't pair.

I assumed this was the car (even tho it connects to my husbands phone) until I tried to connect to the smartwatch2 I got for Christmas and has issues with that too. I can pair it, but it won't connect, and won't show up in the SmartConnect app as a device. I have tried on a friend's HTC One and exactly same issue. I have also tried on a Sony Xperia Z and it worked. The smartwatch2 is definitely supposed to connect to more than just Sony devices. There are many articles on the net reviewing it being used via non-Sony devices, including several that were reviewed with connection to HTC One. I have also read (in other articles) that lots of people are having bluetooth issues with Android 4.3.

Solutions anyone? Work-arounds?

Should I root it? - I only want to bother with this if someone has had the same problems as I have and rooting it fixed it.

When is the next version of android due out - the Telstra one (which adds weeks/months)?

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