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Broken screen on phone

Device: Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB
Broken screen (Cant see anything on screen)

 I am struggling because I am unable to step out even for essential items because I cannot scan QR code. I have called Telstra several times but unable to get any help. I logged request for phone replacement they said someone will contact me in 24 hours but nothing so far.

I urgently need help. Both Hornsby store and St Ives stores of Telstra are CLOSED. How should I get my screen fixed in this lockdown?

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Re: Broken screen on phone

Depending on whether you got device repair insurance with Telstra when you signed up for the device, they could charge you quite a lot for the screen repair. And they will want you to send it away for 'assessment' as well. I don't think the tech support at stores are operating but I haven't need to visit one so don't know for sure.


Is the screen broken/cracked or just doesn't light up? Were you doing something on the phone when it happened?


Is the phone actually charged? Have you tried plugging the charger in?


You could try a blind phone restart if you can remember how to turn the device off. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds and see if you get anything on the screen. If not hold the Power button and Volume down (or UP - can't remember which) pressed at the same time, for a long time and see if that forces a restart.


See the suggestions here


If none of those work, one of the small repair stores in a shopping centre might be cheaper/quicker solution for you. Do you have someone that can go to the shopping center with you, do the QR logins and add you as a visitor? (All masked up of course).

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Re: Broken screen on phone

Getting a repair done through Telstra could take up to 10 business days (2 weeks) from the time that you send it in for repair (even if lodged in-store).


You will be better off calling one of the screen repairs businesses in the area, seeing if they are open and going there (mobile phone repair businesses are allowed to remain open under Sydney Lockdown Rules).

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