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Disabled Couple need help with security and Telstra data share.


This is the second attempt, our internet was so bad it we could not send this or message for help through our Telstra App.

My wife and I are 67,62 years of age. We have genuine issues of trust with Telstra because we were victims from behaviour explained to us as marketing decisions to alter contracts a number of years ago when Telstra representaives from over seas informed us over the phone without the knowledge of customers.

The representative went into great detail and said she was ashamed or embarrased by what others there were doing.

We addressed this and 6 months later the Telecommunication Ombudsman came to a decision I think it was regarded as misleading and deceptive conduct.

There was I think an appeal but the 10 million fine was upheld.

Obviously sick and disabled by chronic disease it was horrible to be victims during that time.

So when Telstra tells me something I know from experience that we can't necessarily believe it as being Disabled we were soft targets until the real disclosure was made to us.

In this instance we are asking for direction advice directed to Telstra and the broader community .

We spend $110.00 a month from our pensions to pay for home internet and mobile for my wifes smart phone of 40 gigs per month, of which she routinely uses 3 gigs. We also pay for the 1 number for her watch purchased for safety as she is subject to falling. We want to buy the orion security cameras x 2 for our RV so our children can keep an eye on where we are and we can see outside and not open the door. There are other safety features.  We have been told we need a router and then we were told by Telstra we could data share on her mobile. Then that was changed when Telstra wanted to sell us another plan to operate the router then pay even more for  a data level we would not reach. We were then told in contridiction that we could not use the 37 gigs each month that is left over from my wifes mobile plan. Could we pay $5.00 per month and link it to her mobile data like her samsung watch. No we were told. Can we use any of the 150 gigs Telstra have provided ongoing for the misleading and deceptive conduct experience we suffered. No

So can anyone tell us what is true and what we can do as we don't  believe Telstra and really it was an experience horrible and unique in our combined life experience..

We would genuinely appreciate your guidance and direction to keep us safe.

Thank you


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Re: Disabled Couple need help with security and Telstra data share.

Are you living in a stationary RV?.


If it is mobile, you could enable a hotspot on the mobile phone to provide an internet connection for a camera etc.

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Re: Disabled Couple need help with security and Telstra data share.

Hey @Markking 

Data sharing is enabled on Telstra’s new Upfront mobile plans. At the current stage the $5 Telstra one number you mentioned isn’t available with these plans. 

The smallest data plan you can put on a device is $15 for 5gb. Unfortunately the $5 for your watch is only available on wearable devices. 

At this current stage if you were to connect a new $15 sim this would not share with your other mobile service as you are currently on the older plans by the sounds of it. 

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Re: Disabled Couple need help with security and Telstra data share.

Do not change to the Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan as your wife's watch will not work and you will be worse off than you are now.


You won't be able to use the data that is included as part of your Home Broadband Service as it is not transferrable to a mobile service.


You could set your wife's mobile up as a hotspot for the cameras, but you would need to remember to do this each time you returned to the RV and it would mean that when the phone moved away from the RV the cameras would stop working.


The normal way that you would set up those types of cameras would be to get a mobile router and use its wifi network to connect the cameras. It would require its own service (SIM) and you could set it to data share, but that would mean changing your wife's mobile to a Telstra Upfront Mobile plan which would remove the ability to use her watch so I wouldn't recommend it in your situation.

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Re: Disabled Couple need help with security and Telstra data share.

Thank you we genuinely appreciate and will follow your advice.

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