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Entering text Oppo A53

I have a Oppo A53 Android mobile phone.  When entering text in composing a SMS, the screen will only allow 4 lines of text to be visible.  If one has entered more than four lines of text, to go back over what one has entered, one has to scroll back through the message four lines at a time. In all other phones I've owned, when entering text in a long SMS, the text can be viewed in the whole area of the screen above the keyboard and it's only when the message exceeds that area of display, one has to scroll through the previously entered text.

I can't find any adjustments that I can make to provide an extra area of display when composing. The font size is what I would call average.  Not exceedingly large.

P.S. When the message is sent the whole SMS is displayed full screen.

Any help appreciated.

The Inspector



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Entering text Oppo A53

Have you tried installing the Google Messages app and using that instead?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Entering text Oppo A53

Hey Inspector, It sounds like it may be an Oppo platform issue? I would go with what Jupiter has suggested - try Google Messages? Failing that, you may have to go back to the manufacturer. Sorry we couldn't offer more assistance on this one😞

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