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Faulty Samsung Galaxy S4 - replaced 4 times now another issue!

Hi All, 


Hopefully someone here may help. I am on a Telstra contract and have now sent away handsets 4 times to be replaced with another faulty phone over the past 6 months. It is very time consuming and annoying.


I am also more worried as my contract ends soon and the current handset now has an issue too. I do not want to even think about re-contracting with Telstra, but would expect to finish the contract with a phone in good condition so I can move back to prepaid.


Any ideas? Should I switch to a similar tier phone from their "replacements bin" and hope for better reliability? Is it just an S4 thing? They have been switching off intermittently/screen non-responsive/wifi not working issues to date. Is there any way to get a new phone in box? Even if its a cheaper/basic phone? 


Thanks ,


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Re: Faulty Samsung Galaxy S4 - replaced 4 times now another issue!

I would recommend to move away from Samsung as their S4 Series is not stable, I had a a similar problem and I have switched to HTC one m8. I have not had any issues with the handset , easy to use and love the dual front speakers. The HTC one M9 is to be unveild at the MWC in March 1 and whole host of new flagship phones will be announced, I suggest you wait until then before deciding.


Hope this helps Smiley Happy

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