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Galaxy Nexus stuck in rebooting loop



Got my galaxy nexus on the first day of launch, Now i just came back from overseas yesterday and its stuck in Rebooting loop, the phone goes to Google screen> Animation>Homescreen for 1 sec. and back to Google and is stuck in the loop. Have done the hard reset using the guide on google website but still the same. Have tried everything anyone could name to fix it but its stuck in that loop.


I called Faults and they have no idea what is it and the guy keeps telling me to go to setting(WTF?). I dont know what to do but I need to get it fixed asap, i dont even have a phone.


Someone help



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Re: Galaxy Nexus stuck in rebooting loop

Hi CurryBlender,


It definitely sounds like a physical problem with the phone if even a hard reset hasn't resolved the problem for you. You'll need to take the phone back to the point of sale for repair or replacement. If you purchased it over the phone or via Live Chat, then the area to call is 1800 629 633.



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Re: Galaxy Nexus stuck in rebooting loop

I just had this same problem and had to rush down to the telstra shop and was able to get it replaced.


Was only once I got in a cab back to the office did I realise that the replacment phone had scratches all over the screen that stand out pretty bad in day light.



Not happy that the replacment phone is a 2nd hand scratched up one especially as the phone it replaced was just over a month old.  And wont have time to do anything about it till I get back from Melb next week.

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