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Galaxy S2 Wifi Reboot

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this same issue? Since the day I received my SGS2 from Telstra, my phone will randomly reboot only if i have WiFi on. To duplicate my problem all I need to do is enable WiFi and after a random amount of time the device will vibrate and reboot. This happens fairly often, at least one to three times a week, but thus far I've been unable to track down a fix.


The best I can tell it always occurs if I have been away from my home network for some time and I have forgotten to disable wifi while out and about and when I return and the phone reconnects to my wifi, the reboot will occur shortly after.

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Re: Galaxy S2 Wifi Reboot

Hello shonky2400,


Firstly, I'm sorry for the late reply.


This sounds really weird. My partner has the same phone and don't have this issue.


So I'd assume it's only specific to your handset.


I would recommend to bring in to Telstra store for them to look at and so it can be sent off for repairs as required.


I hope this helps.

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Re: Galaxy S2 Wifi Reboot

My sister in laws and my Galazy S 2 are now doing this. Not sure when hers started happening, but mine started happening after I did the OTA upgrade to 2.3.6. It was on 2.3.3 before. I was happy to get rid of the wifi sharing bug that drained the battery, but having my phone reboot/shutdown randomly is worse. 


My phone is stock Telstra, came with 2.3.3, and now stock Telstra 2.3.6


Found lots of others on the net have a similar problem with Galaxy S 2 and 2.3.6. Not sure if the ICS upgrade in late April/Early may from Telstra/Samsung will fix it.


This is starting to become a real problem for me. I will go to use my phone and it's off, and I have to take the battery out and start it back up. I don't know how long it's been off,


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Re: Galaxy S2 Wifi Reboot

My Galaxy S2 also randomly reboots only since 2.3.6. (Wifi is turned off)

My mum's S2 also randomly reboots since she upgrade OTA to 2.3.6.

I would probably suggest that this is more to do with the new software and not a problem with the phone. as quite a few people seem to be having the same problem since 2.3.6.

Could this be passed on to the devices team?

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