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Galaxy S3 call dropouts

Just how many people are experiencing call dropouts with a Galaxy S3? There seems to be more and more people who are experiencing the issue the further I dig. Is this a software/firmware issue with this phone?


Personally I am starting to experience every day... sometimes the call will last 30 seconds other times it's longer... it seems completely random and doesn't matter if I'm in a good signal strength area either.


Another thread concentrated on dropouts from Android phones, but I'm interested particularly in the S3 as customer reps talk about the area I'm in, the fact that it's not a blue tick phone etc.

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Re: Galaxy S3 call dropouts

I also have the same problem.! I had a Sumsung Galaxy SII which kept dropping my calls. Sometimes 3 or 4 times over a 30 minute phone call. I recently upgraded to the Galaxy SIII hoping the problem would disappear. Unfortunately Im STILL getting call dropouts. Every time I have FULL signal strength. I work from home and in North Sydney so coverage is NOT an issue and I am never driving or moving when the calls drop.

Its just so annoying.

Unfortunately I am fully aware that it is extremely unlikely that this kind of issue can be verified and therefore fixed because of course I cant just walk into a Telstra shop and show them the problem. It happens randomly.

Ive just been given a Motorola Defy ( which does have a blue tick on the box - the S3 doesnt ?? ) and am going to have to bite the bullet and reactivate my standard SIM card so that I can test this over the next week. Personally I hope it drops as well so that I know the problem doesnt just lie with my sexy S3. After everything Ive said about Apple recently I hope I dont have to change over to the dark side ;-(

Its interesting that I am not the only person with this problem.

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Yep. Call drops out anywhere between 0 seconds and 5 minutes.


Got a S3 4G on 8/10/12. It sucks. I listened to all the Samsung Phanboys and ditched apple. Regretting my decision.


Taking it to the Telstra store tommorow to see what they can do.

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