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Galaxy SII 4G Netowrk Issues



I have had this S2 4G for around a year. I am having huge amounts of Data issues.


1. I work in the Perth CBD where I hardly am able to connect to 4G Network. It is a miracle when I do.


2. Throughout the day I will drop data network completely  or just not bother to download / upload. A phone reset may fix this.


3. When I do have a 3G or H+ Connection I will press the LTE button which will try to search for a 4G netowrk, but a lot of time it will say "LTE not available in current mode". Even though I am in Auto network detection which includes LTE.


4. There has been a lot of time that I can only connect to the GSM network.


I am on a 24 month contract (about a year through) and am not getting what I am paying for.


Has anyone else noticed this issue? Is it a phone thing, or is the Telstra netowrk in Perth CBD being really bad?  

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Re: Galaxy SII 4G Netowrk Issues

Hi Glugey,


Is this still an ongoing problem for you? If so I would suggest speaking to our mobile faults team on 13 22 00 (say 'mobile faults' at the prompt) so that we can troubleshoot the issue that you are having.


It is possible that the handset is faulty and needs to be sent away for assessment but its best to do basic troubleshooting first.

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