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Great Map Coverage VS Reality

Hi All,


How has everyone found the Telstra support while discussing coverage.

Going by telstra coverage maps, my home and surrounding streets are in perfect 3G&4G and on the border of 5G (not fussed about 5G my handset does not support it)


The predicament im in now has had me go through all of the carriers Optus, Voda and now telstra.

With Optus and Voda i do not get any signal in locations i travel to for work but get partial signal at home

With telstra i get great signal everywhere i go for work but get 0 signal at home and surrounding streets.


My initial chats with telstra support state a 2600Mhz signal on a local tower is causing interference with the other signals. The suggestion i have is either pay the $1698 to get a smart antenna installed or port out to another provider. But having already been with all providers and Telstra being the less of all evils in the signal its best to stay with them.


Im not happy with a $1698 fee to have signal at home when it is clearly an area signal issue that could be resolved if someone was to test the area and do a little bit of leg work to investigate. Coming from a telco background (Optus) when we had complaints like this we had some Hilux Utes covered in antennas that drive around and get a real life signal reading rather then a predicted reading from cell output and direction, and can measure a blackspot out correctly if that is the case?

Does telstra have these guys that can do this and has anyone had luck in getting them out?


I have been able to see tower locations and connected tower through (aus phone towers app) and i have 4 local towers that give the coverage for home (within 700m-1000m of home) that is equivalent to the telstra website coverage, but all phones by-pass those towers and connect to ones over 3-4km away.


To get any sort of coverage i need to walk about 500mt down the road in any direction.

Testing on my side has used 2 telstra service (house hold ones)

Sim cards isolated into different handset

Visitors with telstra also experience 0 signal and Isolated sims into different handsets

Handsets used S9, A8 (x2 handsets), A21, iPhone 7plus, iPhone 12.
Having used multiple handsets and sims, we can rule them out.


Any help would be great, i have now got a group of locals that are going to all have a fault raised for the local area to try and get some movement, but any feedback from previous people with the issue would be greatly appreciated 


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