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GSIII (GT-I9300T) 4.1.2 OTA update issue - massive slow down, freezing, lags, app crashes



Ever since the 4.1.2 upgrade a few weeks ago, I've noticed a lot of issues with the phone speed really slowing down (in the sense of page transitions, scrolling, apps loading, returning to home screen, and so on). I've not installed any new apps since the OTA to 4.1.2, although have updated all existing apps after the upgrade.


I've noticed that the RAM is now usually sitting at about 740mb instead of the 620mb that was the norm previously, so obviously something is now using more capacity (of the 832mb showing as available RAM). While this could be contributing to the slow down and "lagging" transition from finger swipes to screen scrolling, it doesn't strike me as being the whole story.


Also, been experiencing a lot more app crashes, and screen "freezes", which only seem to be resolved by turning the screen off and coming back to the phone some time later.


Is anyone else experiencing this/is it a known issue relating to the 4.1.2 upgrade? Any advice on fixes, or is it going to be a matter of trimming existing apps installed and seeing if any appreciable difference? Would be disappointed to have to use less apps than I did prior to the upgrade, given it was working smoothly (living up to the project butter hype) since I first bought it, up until the 4.1.2 upgrade.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: GSIII (GT-I9300T) 4.1.2 OTA update issue - massive slow down, freezing, lags, app crashes

If you're having trouble with your handset I'd recommend having a chat to our Mobile Faults Team on 132200 about this mate. Your phone is always going to behave differently after an update (especially if you haven't rebooted it) simply because the software is different, but if you think there is a problem then Faults are definitely the people to talk to.


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Re: GSIII (GT-I9300T) 4.1.2 OTA update issue - massive slow down, freezing, lags, app crashes

I'm having similar problems with my Note N7000B. Enormous added lag for me with everything. And not just a small amount, so noticeable as to make it almost unusable in a business situation where I've always used mine. Even going back to the home screen from any program takes approx 8 seconds then another 8-10 to rebuild the home screen. I only have 2 widgets running, I've updated all software, restarted, freed RAM and it runs terribly. The reason I bought his phone, for business use, is now gone. Disappointing after waiting for almost a year for his update that is supposed to be, by all reports, a faster more efficient operating system. I can only guess that it's Telstras version of this OS that is at fault. Very frustrating.

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