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Hang up message

For a number of years, if someone tried to call me and the call went to messagebank due to no answer, or out of range, and the caller hung up and didn't leave a message, a SMS (text) message would be sent to my messages. It contained the callers number as a hyperlink, so I just had to tap that and call them back.

It was an excellent feature, and did not require to have my data turned on, which in my case I only turn it on when I want to use the net, and was very simple to use.

I thought it was one of the best features telstra ever provided.


In the last two weeks or so it now downloads a MMS file, which requires me to turn on my data to view it, AND TO ADD TO INSULT TO INJURY, DOES NOT PROVIDE A LINK TO THE CALLED NUMBER.

How can I have this reverted to the way it was please?

It is impossable to contact Telstra and talk to them, I have been trying to do so now for over an hour now, so now hope to get an answer from this forum.

Thank you.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Hang up message

Send the message "Audio Off" to 144 and it should stop sending you the audio messages.

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