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How to upload photos from HTC

I have a HTC phone which is behaving very erratically.  I'd like to upload the photos to my computer in case it gives up altogether and I lose them all. I bought the phone from a telstra dealer but it didn't come with a manual or a usb cable.  I've bought a generic cable. Even my teenager can't help me to upload the photos.  I took the phone back to the shop, but they only offered to reset it for me, which would mean I'd lose all my data.

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Re: How to upload photos from HTC

OK, first off have you tied with the usb connection. You have to in settings on the phone turn on a setting in the USB settings; turn on USB DEBUG. Then you phone should show up on your computer like a disc drive if on the computer where it lists you C drive, DVD drive etc. normally if you are using a Windows computer from the start menu where you see all your programs listed. .


It should show up and then you can double click on it and it will open up the phone and phone folders on your computer, then you can copy them from there to your pictures folder on the computer.


If the USB connection isn't working try a wifi connection if you have a wifi computer Modem/Router.


Let me know if all or any of that doesn't';t make sense.

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NB: I am NOT a Telstra employee, just another customer like you.
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Re: How to upload photos from HTC

Deanja, thank you for your advice.  However I don't get the options you described; not in my phone settings nor when I connect my phone to my computer via usb cable. I no longer have wifi settings as the 'clean up wizard' removed them when I set it to make more space on my phone. Do you think it's worth me taking it to another telstra shop and asking for their assistance? The phone is unreliable; it won't let me access messages, calls or apps on a random basis. I never know when it will work or not work. The shop where I bought it just offered to restore the factory settings, which would mean I lost all my data.

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