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HTC 510 4g connection through hotspot

I have just updated my SIM so I can access the Telstra 4g network. It is a HTC 510 running Android 4.4.1.

When I turn on the 4g network I can access the internet on my phone (shows 4G icon). When I turn on hotspot it indicates that it is working OK. When I go to either of my laptops (one running Windows 10 and one running 7) or my Samsung Galaxy I can connect to my 510 through hotspot but there is no internet access. All 3 devices work when I change my 510 settings back to 3g.

I have spoken to HTC support and they have referred me to my service provider. My service provider has referred me to HTC!!

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Re: HTC 510 4g connection through hotspot

I should add .........

I have a Moto E (2nd generation with 4g LTE) that I migrated at the same time and it works perfectly on 4g. It is on Android 6.0.

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: HTC 510 4g connection through hotspot

Hi @Beachgrob,


We'd need some specific details about your account to see what's happening and why you can't access the hotspot on 4G, but you can on 3G.

Regrettably, we're not able to gather these details over CrowdSupport due to the public nature of the forum.


I'd recommend talking to our Mobile Assurance Team on 132200 or via  Live Chat for assistance.

I'd also suggest not over complicating the issue and advised them that you can't access 4G at all.


Let me know how you go.


- Matt

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Re: HTC 510 4g connection through hotspot

Thanks Matt,

I'm comfortable that it is not the network as I have put the SIM from the HTC 510 into my Moto E and it worked perfectly. So it appears that the HTC 510 is the problem on hotspot on 4g. I'm hoping that some one may have had the same problem and that it is just a matter of changing a setting on the HTC 510. Or it may be that the HTC 510's hotspot does not work (allow internet pass through) on 4g.

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