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HTC One Issues

So in short I have been having issues with my HTC One. Basically I struggle to get data on the device via 3G/4G. Works fine with WiFi. I tried the sim card in an iPhone 4S and I had no issues with data and receiving it or sending data. It seems to be a constant issue no matter where I am, yet when I used my old 4S for a couple of days, I had no dramas at all.


What am I able to do from here? I only recontracted 3 weeks ago with a HTC One and unfortunately hasn't been a pleasant experience because of this 😞 

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Re: HTC One Issues

Go in-store and show them and they SHOULD replace the handset as long as you can show them the fault 'working', you should get a new handset as it is under 4 week's old
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Telstra (Retired)

Re: HTC One Issues

Wrong if the phone is under 30 days old you can come instore as long as you have the box all cords with it and we can exchange it if is more than 30 days from purchase we send off as a forward ship and provide a loan phone in the interim  which means a new one will be sent 1-2 days from when sent from the store

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