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htc wildfire s hotspot problems

I have a htc wildfire s that will not allow internet access on the computer when connected as a wifi hotspot. I have tried on both a windows 7 and a windows xp laptop. Both laptops will connect to another wildfire s and allow internet connection.The laptops recognise the android wifi hotspot, accept the password and connect. However when you go to access a webpage the computer says it has no connection. On further investigation the computer displays limited connectivity to the hotspot.


I have had this problem with another wildfire s however a factory reset solved the problem. Any suggestions???



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Re: htc wildfire s hotspot problems

I have exactly the same problem! Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I've spent the weekend trying to get the hotspot working with no success - ithe hotspot is recognised and the computer connects but no access to the internet. Now I try it again on Monday morning and it's fine! I'm typong this tag using the hotspot. Is it Telstra or is it HTC or is it me? Any feedback is welcolme.

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Re: htc wildfire s hotspot problems

what apn are using ?
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Re: htc wildfire s hotspot problems

the APN type is:




it's working fine now? It must be a telstra problem

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Re: htc wildfire s hotspot problems

I received this email from Telstra yesterday:



As you're aware some of our online services were unavailable from late Friday 9th to late Saturday 10th December due to an earlier internal systems issue.

I want to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced this weekend because of the disruption.

Services are now back up again for the majority of our customers, and your BigPond services should be working as normal.

The decision to temporarily reduce access to these services was not taken lightly and I know that our actions resulted in a poor online experience for you and was a source of frustration...


Once again, I apologise for the disruption to your service and thank you for your patience.

Best regards,

Peter Jamieson
Executive Director, Customer Service


The hotspot remains in must be telstra....


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