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I Phone 4 or HTC Android?

I am about to update mny old nokia for a new phone and can't decide between an I phone or an android type phone probably HTC new model? Any suggestions?

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Re: I Phone 4 or HTC Android?

If you want a phone that is one year old, outdated, locked down, fragile and expensive, get the iPhone.


If you want a phone that is brand new, best in the world, open and free, durable and well-priced, get an Android.


The only reason to buy an iPhone these days is purely "because it's an iPhone", in which case, I'd like to hit people who think like that upside the head. Or if you've already got a Mac and everything, in which case, sorry to hear that.


To actually help a little more (sorry, went off on a tangent): get yourself either the HTC Sensation or the Samsung Galaxy S2. I'm sure you already knew that, but there are pros and cons between the two. The GS2 is lighter and has better performance (on paper), the Sensation is more "solid" (more weight) and I would say is easier to use. The GS2 is thin and quite square, the Sensation is a little thicker, but has a nice curvature to it.


The biggest difference is: GS2 has AMOLED+ screen (which results in beautiful color), whilst the Sensation has qHD, which is a higher resolution, which allows you to fit more on screen at once.

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Re: I Phone 4 or HTC Android?

SGS II or Nexus One... best or a Sensation....

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Re: I Phone 4 or HTC Android?

Well, I love Sense (HTC's additional overlay to android) and so I would (and did) choose the HTC sensation.  You can also root it and make it even better.


The SGII (hardware wise) is also good, and in some respects better than the sensation, some respects not so good (as has been mentioned) but I have to say that samsungs changes to android are bloody horrible.  You may like them...  who knows...  (and some people dont like sense too)


very hard to make your mind up by using either phone in a shop for 15 min - you really need to carry each one for a week and make your mind up which YOU like.


I used a friends samsung phone for 3 days and it drove me nuts.


as for an iPhone,. well, I would rather be poked in the eye with a very sharp stick than have to use an i phone for a year.  My partners one she got with her new job is very limited and so many things you think - "why cant I do xxxxx"   "where on earth is the option to do yyyyyyyy"   "why do I have to do zzzzzzzz that way?"

Even when the new iphone 5 comes out, it will be quickly left behind - apples phones are good quality but only ahead of the curve in regards to technology for a few months at most. and the limitations placed on the users of being FORCED to do things a certain way is a huge deal breaker for me.  On top of that, if someone writes an iphone app to do something a better way, apple just does not approve the app, and tells them its 'duplicating functionality'  .




So thats my 2c worth.    Well 3c actually  Smiley Happy

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Re: I Phone 4 or HTC Android?

Me same dilemma .....I appreciate the different responses....but what about rural usage? Speakerphone loudness?? Are these comparable??
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Re: I Phone 4 or HTC Android?

Well I prefer Android, I have had the HTC Desire & now Desire S. The only issue with HTC phones is camera, It has improved lots but still not as good as Apple.

Also what drives me nuts about HTC phones is every month a new model comes out and your phone quickly drops off planet and little or no updates. You can root the phone and place a custom rom on HTC and this is good also as you can test drive different themes, roms etc.


It basically comes down to personal choice, you can do same as Siri in Android, face time (old old news) I use to use face time 4 years ago on a motorola. GPS, music etc. Unless you have family with Apples then go with it.


Look at Nokia and see whaty they bring out, it looks like a great phone also the Lumia.


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