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Ice Cream Sandwich

Hi all,

Just wondering if Telstra have been doing any testing with ICS outside the Nexus; which comes with it as stock. I've got a HTC Sensation and I've found this site which shows software update release schedules but it hasn't been updated since November, the live chat was also quite usless in providing any information I couldn't find myself, referring me to the individual site for my phone so I can see an ad for it doesn't help me. That aside, I would love to hear any information that we might have about ICS and updates to all the Android handsets which manufacturers have confirmed will receive it.


Thanks 🙂

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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich

I would also like to know.

I have a HTC evo 3d

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Re: Ice Cream Sandwich

Seeing as HTC havent released the update themselves, I dont think telstra would be able to give much info. However, you should check out HTC's facebook page

Based on this, HTC has a tentative release schedule of q1 2012. Note that this is a worldwide reference and may not apply to australia (sometimes we lag behind with regards to software updates). Also it can take telstra some time to test the software and ensure it is appropriate for their network, so it could be at least a few months away

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