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Message support = no accountability

I am so tired of the almost non existent support from the Telstra messaging service. This service gives the Telstra consultants maximum deniability, no accountability and the ability to lie and make false promises to the consumer. 

The consumers have no way of holding these consultants accountable as the previous conversations are encrypted, causing even further frustration, further loss of time and an absolute lack luster support service. You can not even track who or what department you are speaking to.

This customer support network is an absolute joke and if Telstra didn't hold the manopoly on regional areas, I would be taking my $600/month account to a business that would actually provide a service. 

Pick your f'ing act up Telstra...

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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Message support = no accountability

The previous conversations aren't encrypted and they are stored against your customer record. The consultants have access to them, but some of them are too lazy to bother reading them. 


You can actually request a copy of all your interactions with Telstra if you follow the privacy link at the bottom of the website.

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