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My Telstra App for Mobiles

Am I the only one finding that Telstra's My Telstra app is a complete joke?


Despite repeated attempts and endless messages on the so called 'Get Help" function it still fails to to include all of my services.


The latest joke is that the data usage is now saying Mbps when it should be Gbps etc.


Each time I interact on the "get help' I have to start all over again giving all numbers etc. I have given up .


Telstra should be well embarassed by this fiasco.



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Re: My Telstra App for Mobiles

Atleast you can log in. My log in works on pc, but not for app. Well it sorry a does, log in , then straight to page saying can not display account.


Then the circus and merry go around trying to find someone to help, then all redirects going back to app that doesn't work for me.


This all due to app update. Well done Telstra


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