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My Telstra isn't available

I log in to Telstra Login page and click my account. I can log in, but when I click manage my account plan and allowances, it takes me here

It's been half year. I was wondering how long Telstra will take to fix this issue

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: My Telstra isn't available

Normally when one loads the Telstra homepage, and goes to Sign in > My Telstra > See your Services, there is a link there labelled Can't see one of your services? Get help.

That should allow you to "see all of your services in one place".  It does state though "you'll be able to see all your services after 15 business days", but what's another 15 days when you have already been waiting "half year".


If after 15 days the situation persists, then contact Telstra Support and mention that you carried out the abovementioned step.



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