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Nbn modem

Hi I’m getting nbn set up tomorrow as a technician is coming out but I didn’t request that so I don’t know if I’m paying for that and today I got my parcel from Telstra but only got the booklet and a cable,is that right or will they bring the nbn modem tomorrow.I just can’t get through to them messaging or phoning so I don’t know what’s happening,don’t want the technician to come out and I don’t even have the nbn modem but got the booklet 

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Re: Nbn modem

The NBN tech should will bring the modem and set it up before they leave.


They will connect your modem (your existing one must be ok for the service you are getting or Telstra would have sent you a new one).


The tech will do his own checks, but if you can before the tech leaves, do a couple of speed tests ( using a device connected by ethernet cable AND also with a device on Wi-Fi to confirm the end user speed is what you asked for..

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Nbn modem

In some cases NBN decides that a connection especially if FTTC or HFC requires a Technicians visit. You should not have to pay for NBN technician and they will provide the NBN modem.


You will also need a Telstra modem that is compatible with NBN. If you don't have a Telstra smart modem you should have been sent a Telstra modem.

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