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Need MMS to auto downsize photos

Hi all, I have a new Nokia G10 running android, on the Telstra network. I cannot send photos via MMS unless I crop them heavily. MMS with full-size photos simply hang at "sending..." and never send. Ive checked and MMS with cropped images or with GIFs all work, so its not an "MMS is broken" issue. Im assuming Telstra has a limit on the size of photo/MMS that can be sent. I assume there should be some setting to auto resize pics when messaging to fit the carrier's limit. Is there such a setting, and where is it? Alternatively, is there a setting to limit the resolution at which all pictures are saved, for later sending (not ideal but an inelegant solution)? Thanks for any help.

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Re: Need MMS to auto downsize photos

I use a Samsung Galaxy Note10+5G which takes photos that are much larger than the Nokia G10 and have no problem sending them, so it sounds more like a phone issue.


It would be worthwhile contacting Nokia Support either via Live Chat or email (links can be found in the :"Contact Us" section of Nokia customer care and support | Nokia phones

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Re: Need MMS to auto downsize photos

It could also be worthwhile listing your APN and MMS settings to check how they compare to what @Jupiter is successfully using.

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