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Not able to call while having service

Dear all,

During my travels in Australia, I wanted to have an Australian number with internet. I bought the prepaid $40 SIM+recharg deal. Unfortunately, I cannot get everything to work.


With the card, I have access to the internet with 4G, and have continuous service. I can send text messages by SMS, but I cannot cal or be called.

I cannot even call to 101 for voicemail or something.

When trying to call, I do not hear anything after pressing the call button.

Is this a known issue?


My phone is a Wileyfox Swift 2 plus running on Android 8.1.0. At the moment I have full Telstra coverage. I have my old SIM as dual SIM inserted, but because of the problems, I disabled that one.


Hopefully there is something I can do about it, thank you in advance,


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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Not able to call while having service

The problem could be due to the Wileyfox swift 2 not supporting VOLTE which is required for making and receiving calls using 4G. If this is the cause of the problem you could go into the connection settings and set the phone to use 3G.


The 3G coverage available to phone will be limited due to the phone only supporting 3G 2100 MHz band. Most of Telstra’s towers transmit 3G on the 850 MHz band

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