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Oppo Find X2 Pro Wifi Calling

Hi All,


I've just ordered this phone from Telstra. Currently have a Pixel 2 XL that is dying. My wife is on a Galaxy S9.


Issue is we have pretty poor reception at home (Wallan, VIC) and our phones usually needs to connect to Wifi to make a successful call. I know the Oppo Find X2 Pro supports Wifi calling but does Telstra support it? If not does telstra have plans to support it in the near future?




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Re: Oppo Find X2 Pro Wifi Calling  lists some supported device but the Oppo isn't mentioned..  so Telstra supports Wi-Fi calling on some devices at least (I use it on my Pixel 5's).


If the capability is present on the Oppo then it 'should' work on Telstra..  (but Telstra's definition of 'work', can differ from the common understanding of the word though..  Smiley Happy    )


If you haven't purchased the phone it might be worth visiting a Telstra store or other supplier to check it out in person before making the final decision.

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