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Porting mobile number from Telstra post paid


I have have this Telstra mobile number for over 8 years. I changed plans to get more data and was automatically transferred to the post paid system. My 2nd direct debit failed due to lack of funds but everytime I went into the link on Telstra message the system was down. I have lost the ability to make outgoing calls and data. I rang 132200 to pay the mobile bill and since I don't have an account number I was transferred to a guy. I was highly suggested to pay 2 months. I asked for the account number from him. Now I have found I have paid my internet bill in advance but still have no mobile access. 

I wanted to port my number to Amaysim but without an account number for the mobile the transfer has failed. Mobile number and existing account for internet which the mobile used to be link also failed. 


Does this mean Telstra's new post paid system inhibits transferring mobile numbers to other carriers? This is illegal. Please help me leave Telstra. Very disappointed. 

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Re: Porting mobile number from Telstra post paid

Hi Louse01, that doesn't sound like the experience we are after. Could you please send me private message so I can take a closer look at this for you?

- Kunal

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Porting mobile number from Telstra post paid

Just to clarify, are you actually referring to the new Telstra Upfront Mobile Plans?.

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