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re-activate my Prepaid sim

My sim has been deactivated due to long time no recahrge and due to covid-19 long stay aout of Australia..

My number was REMOVED.

My namd REMOVED  only from India and Australia Student.

I want reactivate again it or want buy same number as it has submitted all documents, college, insurance department,and ambassy.



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: re-activate my Prepaid sim

You will need to contact Telstra (best way is in store) and request the activation of the service with that number.


That will depend on whether the number is still in quarantine (where it will still be available) or has been released back to the pool (where it may not be available as it may have already been allocated to a new prepack SIM or a new service).


Other ways to contact Telstra are:

  • Call 132200
  • Send a message using the My Telstra app on your mobile (blue icon, bottom right of Get Help screen). If the bot doesn't understand the question, type "Speak to a consultant" and you should be transferred to the queue to chat with a human. It can take a few hours to get an initial response.
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