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S4 issues after update to 4.3

I have updated my Samsung Galaxy S4 last week to 4.3 and all I can say is I regret it and unfortunately you can revert the update.


As far as I have read up on there is quite a few people having issues and the update was even pulled for a while from the web for some reason.


The issues I have experienced were the following:


  • After I updated my phone went nuts and rebooted for about half a day. The only way I could stop it was by taking my batteries out and then go into safe mode. Once I turned the WiFi off it stopped for some reason.
  • SInce then my battery life is absolute bad and my phone lasts for a day max and if I turn 4g on it I can watch the battery go minute by minute. I just tried to surf something with 30% left and 2 minutes into browsing my phone shut down and the battery was empty. Where are 30% gone ?
  • My browser chrome flickers when switching between the tabs since the update.


Anyone else having similar experiences ?


Does anyone know when 4.4 is coming to hopefully fix the battery draining issues and all the others ?


Its damn frustrating.

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Re: S4 issues after update to 4.3

I saw a thread in here somewhere relating to bunch of faulty batteries that were released with the S4 Handset, maybe yours has taken awhile to finally give up. Telstra has the list of defective batteries I believe.


Andriod 4.4 Kitkat is available, but only to the Nexus 5. Kitkat probably won't be released until March sometime, as a lot of new handsets will be coming out shortly.

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