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Samsung Galaxy S2 fails after software update

My Samsung Galaxy S2 has been working fine. I received a text message with a link for updating the software on it. It advised me to use wifi for the dwnload as it was large (over 200mb I think) so I did this today at home. Since following the instructions for download and installation of the new software, my phone has been unusable. It shows the Samsung S on the screen wth Samsung Galaxy SII written underneath it - that stays on the screen for about 18 seconds, then the screen turns blue with the white Telstra T in the middle and sectors of different shades of bluse rotate around the T - this last for abut 45 secnds, then it goes back to the Samsung S scree and continues the cycle over and over again. 


I have tried turning the phone off and restarting, removing the battery and restarting and I even received help from via the Telstra support service - he advised me to start by holding down the power button, the home key and the volume button at the same time.  This did not make any difference - it just started up and went inot the same cycle.


Perhaps the software upgrade was Spam or a virus.  I trusted it because it came from the same address as a previous Telstra message. 


If anyone has any clues on how I might resolve this, it would be greatly appreciated.  The Telstra guy advised me to go to the Telstra shop but I don't think urs is open tomorrow (Sunday).  I'm missing my phone already!

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 fails after software update

Performing a factory data reset using phone buttons

1.Turn off SGS2.

2.Press and hold down Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.

3.Release all buttons when you see SGS2 Logo.

4.Android system recovery will be loaded then.

5.Select wipe data/factory reset. (Volume buttons to go up or down, select with Home button)

6.Select Yes — delete all user data.

7.Finally, select reboot system now.


Failing this, take it in to a telstra shop....


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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 fails after software update

Got a SMS from Telstra telling me Galaxy S2 required os upgrade. Done as directed. Now done this phone chews data without even touching it. Used over 300mb in one day. Also my exchange server email no longer works. No settings changed just no email and does not stop chewing data at rates unseen before.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2 fails after software update

Thanks for the suggestions. I got this advice from Telstra help line and it didn't work. He said to try the local Telstra shop. Did that and they also tried without result. Luckily it's under warranty so have sent it back for repairs. Didn't realise how much I used it until it stopped working! I'm lucky I kept the trusty old Nokia which will at least give me a working phone through the repair time!

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