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Samsung Galaxy S3 4G, dropping calls (pre-ordered from Telstra)

I received my pre ordered Samsung Galaxy S3 4G yesterday which was exciting! Unfortunately every call I make/receive drops out and says "Out of service area" then it proceeds to lose the signal icon for 4G and all bars of reception.  


It's dropped out anywhere from 3 seconds into a call up to max around 5 minutes.

I live in a 4G area with full bars of reception and the sim card has worked in another phone and did not drop calls.

I also currently have absolutely no issues using my telstra work mobile.


This is extremely frustrating and I spent 80 minutes on the phone (not the galaxy...) to telstra this morning being transferred to 5 operators and repeating the problem over and over and of course repeating my personal details for security purposes to each of the operators, because they mustn't like communicating with their colleagues what the call is about prior to transferring it to them.


In the end I was told I'd receive an email in "about 24-48 hours" for details as to what the next step would be.  

I have found lots of other people experiencing the exact same thing with the galaxy S 3 4G on forums  but haven't found one solution that can be done to fix the bug at home, unless anyone else can help me on here I'll get back to holding my breath for the much anticipated email!  I just thought I'd write here as I'm running out of ideas and patience.  


Any advice would be much appreciated.



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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4G, dropping calls (pre-ordered from Telstra)

I know you are talking about the 4G version of the S3, just for your information, I too have call drop outs on my non 4G Telstra Galaxy S3.


I have sent the phone in to Telstra for them to look into and sure enough as I expected,  it came back with no fault found. When the phone was returned to me, I noted the phone network was set to 2G.


There definitely is a problem with the S3. Just Google for Samsung Galaxy s3 call drop problem and you will see lots of reports.


The thing that irritates me is that I was told by Telstra, before I can get a replacement handset, I have to keep sending in my handset for another 3 or 4 times before they will consider a replacement. Unfortunately for me I will have to do this.


Also please report this within a month of your purchase so that you qualify for the Samsung replacement within a month.

I was unaware of this. When I finally had it with the phone dropping calls spontaneously, I brought my phone in to the Telstra shop I bought it outright from. I was only a couple days out of the 30 days period. Samsung would not budge. Said I had to send in my phone for repair instead of a replacement.


One more thing, I have also spoken to Samsung support and also told them of the issue. They just brush off the issue as we have sold so many S3 and have not heard of this issue. Yeah like I believe it.


Anyway, by accident, I discovered a workaround to stop the call drop outs.

If you disable mobile data, the calls will not drop anymore.


I am just waiting to get another smartphone and then I will start the process of sending my phone for repair untill I get my replacement handset


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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4G, dropping calls (pre-ordered from Telstra)

Thenks for your tips - I'm off to Telstra with my S3 4G this morning.


Over the past 2 weeks:


  • 2 important calls went straight to voicemail with me next to the phone and full bars of reception showing (radio interview; call from travel agent)
  • Reception at work now hopeless and I have to go into the car park to talk (Previous S2 just fine)
  • Tried to call 2 numbers this morning - heard nothing but it showed I was connected. Happened about 10 times. I called from another phone and the person said the phone kept ringing with no-one there.

You're kidding me. Product not as described. I mean the whole idea behind a phone is that it makes and receives calls.



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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4G, dropping calls (pre-ordered from Telstra)

Don't expect any service from Telstra. They'll just send it off
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4G, dropping calls (pre-ordered from Telstra)

There seems to be some sort of hardware fault with your phone from what you are describing.


If the Telstra can't assist you, in my opinion they should,  you can also try to go to a Samsung Customer Service centre if there is one near you or you can also call Samsung's support line.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 4G, dropping calls (pre-ordered from Telstra)

Radio/modem firmware used in Telstra i9305 (S3) models is quite unstable, most reliable radio/modem I found was to use one from UK phones instead.

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