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Samsung Galaxy S3 4G LTE reception and 4G

Hi all,

last Feb I purchsed this phone from a Telstra shop.  After having the phone for less than a month it would turn itself off for no reason.  I took the phone back to the shop and while the store manager had the phone in his hot little hand, it magically just turned itself off.  Brilliant I thought, hard to describle what happens but having it happen is perfect.  The other issue I had was reception.  For some reason my phone calls would just drop out, OR become one way, I could hear the other person talking perfecty but they could not hear me or visa versa. The other weird thing that happens is I get an insane echo where I hear what I'm saying back in my ear OR I sound like I'm talking down a pipe.  These call drops and echo's are not a rare thing I'd say 70% of my calls are like this.

I sent the phone away and was told the contacts were cleaned and the phone was returned.  After reinstalling all my apps and setting the phone back up (about two days worth by the time you remember what you had) I notice that the phone now instead of completely turning off, just reboots to the sim card password enter screen.  So off to the telstra shop again and the telstra people were fantastic, the girl there game me a new sim card without the sim password because she says this is the standard now, this means if the phone turns itself off it should just reboot back on.

Since this has happend I have noticed that I now rarely get 4G  Was at work this week, all week, and put my phone on the desk with others with Telstra 4G similar devices and they ALL had good strong 4G reception, in the city close to the Airport Mascot.  My phone however was oscitllating between 3G and H++ .  I turned the phone off, waited five minutes turned the phone back on and only got 3G with H++ again.  Occassionaly during the day I would get a 4G but only for a minute or two then back to H++ The 4G would have one may be two at the most bars while the others had full strengh on their devices.

Will sending the phone back to Telstra to have it looked at fix this issue.  I work for emergency services and use this phone for after hours contacts and also contact during work hours when not in the office.  I'm not overy happy and being without the phone for another two or three weeks only to have the phone sent back saying "cleaned the contacts" only to have the same issues.  I could bite the bullet and just purchase another phone but that would be a very expensive option.

Advice on this would be appreciated.


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