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Samsung Galaxy S3 Factory Reset

So my phone has just decided to die, and it looks like this is a common problem and I need to do a factory reset. However if I do this will I lose all my photos on the device???? I know my other optin is to return it to a Telstra store, however I have read that all that will happen is that my phone will be sent away and the motherboard replaced. Won't I lose all my pictures this way too? I have a 5 month old son and all is pictures are on the phone. 😞

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Factory Reset

That depends on where your photos are stored.  If they are stored in the devices storage, then yes the factory reset will delete the photos.  If they are stored on a micro-SD card, then take the card out before you do the reset and you will be OK.


Assuming you have a reasonable data allowance (or prefereably a wifi connection), then backing up your photos to your google account automatically is always the best option.  That way if your phone dies completely, is lost, or stolen, you will still have access to them over the internet.

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