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Samsung Galaxy s5 in Blue Pre-order

Well, total disgust, I pre-ordered a Samsung Galaxy S5 in Blue approx 28th March and understood they would not be available for a couple of weeks which didn't worry me as I work in the mines in WA and wasn't due to return home for about 2 weeks after placing the order. My 2 weeks passed and I returned home to Sydney on 9th April an contacted Telstra and enquired if they had any date for the phones and they said NO but I would receive an e-mail with the details when it was being shipped and I explained my circumstances of work and said as that was Thurs 10th and I would be returning to WA on the following Wed 16th I was trying to receive my phone by then as my old Galaxy S3 had been dropped and now the screen was Black so in my predicament I needed a phone. They told me if I didn't receive an e-mail by Tues 15th I coud ring and have the phone redirected to my work address but, in this site the mail goes through a PO Box at the nearest Post Office but I gave them the address anyway. So on the Thurs 17th I received an e-mail to inform me my Samsung was on the way, and it was, but it was delivered to my address in Sydney so, it arrived there and my wife, whose name the account is in because it is a business plan, told the courier where I was and she would sign for the phone and offered a drivers licence as proof of ID and she would forward it on to me in WA. The Startrek courier said they couldn't leave it with her as it had to be signed for by me and my ID had to be sighted so, they returned the phone to their depot. After my wife phoned me I contacted Telstra and was told this was true the courier could not leave the phone with my wife as I had to sign for it and be ID"d so, I asked the guy at Telstra after explaining my work situation to him if the phone could be redirected to my work address, he told me 'Yes' and he would take care of that, I even enquired and was given his name, so the days passed and with Anzac day in there I decided on Tues 29th to again call Telstra as the tracking number told me it was being returned to the sender however, the guy in Telstra this time told me the guy I spoke with after the phone was delivered the 1st time "was wrong" and it couldn't be re-directed because it had to have the managers approval which he hadn't done and now the phone was back at Telstra. The 3rd Telstra employee then told me, the best way to do it is place another order on-line for the phone again and once this was done ring back and have the phone re-directed to the post office where all our mail goes for the site and then pick it up from there once it arrives. I proceeded to do what he had told me as all I wanted was a phone as I had borrowed a phone due to mine breaking and being unusable and I now needed to return this phone to my daughter so, I ordered another phone and once the order was complete and an e-mail had been received with a new order number I continued and rang Telstra and explained what I had been told by Telstra on my previous call however, the lady told me this information was wrong again as the phone couldn't be sent to a Post Office, it had to go to my business address in Sydney so, I went through the whole explanation of my predicament again but she again said it would be sent to the business address and if I wasn't there it would be dropped at the post office to which I replied 'if's that the case why wasn't the 1st phone taken to the post office? she told me it was but, the post office wasn't able to accept the phone, I asked which post office it had been taken? she said she didn't know, I asked if was taken to a post office why wasn;t it noted on the tracking information? and how did she know it had been taken or attempted to be left at the post office? she said that is what is the usual thing, when somebody can't sign and receive the phones they take them to the post office. I went through the whole thing again emphasizing my situation and saying " all I wanted was a replacement phone because I work on 1 side of Australia and my family lives on the other and I need a phone and I was at the site for 4 weeks and home for 1 week" and the only thing she kept saying was it would be delivered to the busienss address and if I wasn't there it would be left at the post office, I again tried to tell her, " if that's the case why wasn't it left the 1st time?" she couldn't answer so I said " just forget the both orders and I will pick up a phone elsewhere or put on a supervisor to talk with me and give me an answer to my predicament", she told me to hold she would get a supervisor but, 3 times she returned and said " the supervisor is busy could you wait". I waited and told the supervisor the whole story and she told me she would send the phone to the business and inform the driver if I am not available they are to leave the phone at the post office so, I told her OK as that would mean it would still be at the post office when I return home in 2 weeks, all done. But hey, there's more, today I view the tracking via Startrek tracking system and the phone has gone from Sydney, where it was received last night and at 1.40am today, 30th April "IT IS IN PERTH" so, the saga continues, I have no idea where the phone is going only know it's now in Perth but, I hope it is coming to the local post office and will be there in the next 2 weeks which is when I return home. I will try to keep you all posted but, I now know 3 people at Telstra " LIE " and on Tues 29th April I spent over 2 hours on the phone to Telstra which I've yet to find out if they are going to charge me for that call as it is 1300 number? WISH me luck with these idiots at TELSTRA. 

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