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Samsung S2 4G no network connection

I have a problem with my Samsung S2 4G I work in the building industri and if I spend a long time (1hour +) in a basement without network reception the phone will lock up and not find the network again when I return to an area of service. If I try to make a call I immediately get the message "not registered on network" and if I go in to settings and manually start searching for networks it does not find anything and on the lock screen it says "emergency calls only" instead of "telstra". However if I restart the phone it finds the network straight away Does anyone else have this problem?? Cheers

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Re: Samsung S2 4G no network connection

Its got nothing to do with Telstra, its got something to do with the SGS2.  As a pilot I have had many phones but the SGS2 is the only one that does this.  If I go flying with the phone in my pocket and leave the phone turned on, after I land I sometimes have to turn the phone off/on to get network up again.  I had an iPhone prior to this, and a Nokia prior to that and never had any issues.

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Re: Samsung S2 4G no network connection

I know it's not the right thing to do!!!!!!!!


But.....if you dial "000" then hang up "immediately" it wakes up any phone!!!

I'm not a Telstra employee.
I'm a Wireless 3G/4G LTE/4GX Antenna Sub-contractor and these are my opinions and not of Telstra.
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Re: Samsung S2 4G no network connection

SAME PROBLEM mate, work in an engine room, come up and no reception.. tried turning off phone, took sim out.. nothing.. rang telstra all they said was make sure its on (auto mode).. I need internet for my job and Im very frustrated.. Pay alot of money for this phone.................

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Re: Samsung S2 4G no network connection

I have this exact same problem, it is so frustrating. Basically as soon as you've had the phone in an area where it can't get any reception for too long it just gets stuck on emergency calls only and can't find the network again.

it takes turning of the phone waiting at least a minute and then turning it back on to get reception again. I have had to redirect calls from the phone if its out of network just in case my him missing work call outs,etc because of it.


is this a hardware issue or a wait ware issue and how do I get it fixed? Samsung are supposed to have a 2 year warranty and there's no way I want to put up with this for another 18 months before my contract is up for renewal.


someone in the know needs to reply as I don't live in an area where there's a telstra store nearby and I'm honestly at the point where ill be trying to return the phone to either get it fixed or replaced because its not working how it should be.

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