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SMS spam blocking

I started getting SMS messages from mobile services (always a different number) with a link attached to it. It's not always the same message or the same link but the function is to download an app that will capture your information for illegitimate purposes. I never click on the link of course but I would like to put the problem firmly in Telstra's lap. The messages are obviously routed through their systems so I won't accept that something can't be done at the routing source. The solution could be either to stop the forward delivery if the message contains a web link, or some sort of integrity check on the content just as we do with spam checks on emails. FTR, Telstra's offering of a Trend Device Protect doesn't work. You get the text message then sometime later it tells you its bogus, or it warns you not to click on the link. What we need is to stop the messages getting to the end user.    

My temporary solution is to enable flight mode at night as these come in at any time.

Any comment gladly received.       

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: SMS spam blocking

Hi daylef. Sounds like you may have been getting messages from phones infected with the "Flubot" malware.  They're very annoying, and while we're working to stop them the best thing to do is ignore them (and definitely do not click the link). More info can be found here:


- Glenn

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