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Telstra service

This Telstra service is crap. I have spent 3 hours trying to talk to some one. What Telstra now have in place is a joke. We pay over $300.00 per month and u cannot talk to any one. Have any body experience the same **bleep**. I will be contacting the obusman in morning. This service is a joke.

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Re: Telstra service

Oh I totally agree. The messaging system is now an absolute joke. No accountability for any of the consultants. No traceability of a conversation, slow response times, lies and rubbish told by consultants just to fob you off, as they know you will get someone else when they don't do what they said. No way to prove what they said. Previous conversations encrypted so there is even less of a way to prove anything. Telstra is only lucky the still have a manopoly in regional areas. Paying premium prices for a budget service.

Phoning in is now just a no go, as they are never open.

So f'ing tired of hearing "go through our messages app" rubbish, as Telstra knows there is no accountability there. 



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