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Telstra T22 - Warning

Warning to any customers that have the Swap Assure plans. 


Note that you will have to go onto one of the new super

Uncompetitive plans that Telstra now offer. - Makes the Swap assure a pointless thing to pay for if you are already a long time telstra customer with a good plan. 


for me to exercise this option ($190 + $10 a month) i would have to go onto a plan that costs me more and i would get half the data. - thus making it a pointless exercise as i would lose too much value leaving my current plan. 

sad state of affairs from Telstra - JB hifi can somehow offer better deals than Telstra directly - on the Telstra network 

Telstra lost he plot - will be moving after my contract ends as i can get the same phone and plan from Optus for $600 less over 2 years and more data. 


Telstra are unwilling so see the error in their ways. 



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