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TelstraOne for Android - common issues and fixes

Hi all, we are currently working on a new edition of TelstraOne for Android (client version 3.1.2) which will become available over the next few weeks.  While some users with new phones won’t see a difference, users with older Android devices will notice some new functionality and improved stability.


We are progressively making the app available, device by device through Google Play, though some older devices may take longer while we work through compatibility issues.


In the meantime we’ve created an FAQ, as we’ve noticed that some devices experience unexpected results after the upgrade.


I’ve just updated TelstraOne, but the old version of the app is still loading when I click the TelstraOne icon

If this occurs:

  • go into Settings – Applications, locate and click on TelstraOne
  • Click "Uninstall updates"
  • Click "Force stop"
  • Click "Clear data"
  • Reattempt the installation from Google Play
  • Restart your phone after installation


I’ve just updated TelstraOne, and some of my widgets are black/displaying no content

  • Start TelstraOne from your application menu – this will force the device to connect to the server
  • Restart your device

Sometimes, I get an "unable to update" message for news/sport/weather

We are aware of this issue and are working on a resolution


 I’ve tried everything else, but TelstraOne will not work properly on my device

We’re sorry to hear that. Please post about your experiences here, and we will work on a resolution.  In the meantime, roll back to the base version of TelstraOne that was preinstalled on your device:

  • go into Settings > Applications > locate and click on TelstraOne
  • click on "Uninstall updates"

You are now back at the stable version that was preinstalled on your phone.


 We’ll keep adding to this FAQ, based on user feedback.

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Re: TelstraOne for Android - common issues and fixes

Thankyou for all that information, but here's some for Telstra.


2 Telstra/Motorola Xoom Android tablets over the two years they have been available, pre installed with the Telstra One application.

2 Telstra Android Tablets that 1) Have ever been able to open the TelstraOne application & 2) Have when trying to update the applications get the message, "No updates are currently available for TelstraOne. Please check again later.


Numerous inquiries with Telstra about the application, and for 2 years get told, we are working on it, should be right soon. 2YEARS!!!!


TelstraOne version; v1.7.13 Installed but never worked, and I'm not the only one who has lodged complaints about this.


You suggestions would be appreciated.

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NB: I am NOT a Telstra employee, just another customer like you.
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Re: TelstraOne for Android - common issues and fixes

I've noticed that my older Telstra T-Touch Tab has now updated to the newer version of the TelstraOne app, and wanted to update the version on my HTC Sensation. However it's still telling me on the Play Store that my Sensation isn't compatible with the new version. Just wanted to find out if/when the Sensation will be compatible with the new version?

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Re: TelstraOne for Android - common issues and fixes

Another fix for the TelstraOne app is:

Q. How to reclaim the space it is wasting.

A. Turn it into a User App and shove it onto your SD card, or nuke it entirely.



1. Install Link2SD on your Android device, and create the second Primary Partition on your SD card.

2. Launch Link2SD, and filter for System Apps

3. Scroll to the TelstraOne app

4. Long press on the TelstraOne app entry in the list

5. Select 'Convert to User App.'

6. Pick your poison. Move the app to SD. Link the app to SD. Uninstall the app complerely.


Once you've got Link2SD on your device, you can also use steps 2 to 6 on all the browser shortcut 'apps' Telstra litters your phone with.


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