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As a reward for your honest opinions, you get a brand new device that is yours to keep.
How do I get selected for the team?
We are looking for a number of people who are active online – and who can provide honest and insightful accounts of their experiences with this new product. They don’t have to be positive, but they do need to give an accurate account of your experience of a product. 
If you love talking tech and sharing your opinions on Crowd Support and Twitter, then you are the kind of person we want.
Due to an influx of new release handsets, we have multiple opportunities to participate in Mobile Insider! 
Not a tech genius? Doesn’t matter! We’re looking for all kinds of opinions – from beginners to experts.
Note: all the people who have previously applied are still in consideration. 
What kind of products can I expect to trial?
This time we have a few handsets to review - the Google Pixel and the Sony Xperia XZ.
What do I have to do once I have the products?
The products are yours to keep. You will need to use it and provide your opinion on Crowd Support, answering community member's questions for two weeks. 
If you'd like to be considered for the team, please tell us below why you think you would be a good member, which handset you'd be keen on reviewing and about your social media presence (including your twitter handle if you have one.) 

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