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As a reward for your honest opinions, you get a brand new device that is yours to keep.
How do I get selected for the team?
We are looking for a number of people who are active online – and who can provide honest and insightful accounts of their experiences with this new product. They don’t have to be positive, but they do need to give an accurate account of your experience of a product. 
If you love talking tech and sharing your opinions on Crowd Support and Twitter, then you are the kind of person we want.
Due to an influx of new release handsets, we have multiple opportunities to participate in Mobile Insider! 
Not a tech genius? Doesn’t matter! We’re looking for all kinds of opinions – from beginners to experts.
Note: all the people who have previously applied are still in consideration. 
What kind of products can I expect to trial?
This time we have a few handsets to review - the Google Pixel and the Sony Xperia XZ.
What do I have to do once I have the products?
The products are yours to keep. You will need to use it and provide your opinion on Crowd Support, answering community member's questions for two weeks. 
If you'd like to be considered for the team, please tell us below why you think you would be a good member, which handset you'd be keen on reviewing and about your social media presence (including your twitter handle if you have one.) 

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Level 1: Cadet

I've been the go to guy for mobile devices for everyone I know from Friends and Family to people on my Facebook friends. I always keep up to date with what devices are being released and just genuinely enjoy reading about the next best thing in mobile/tablet technology. I've had most iterations of various phones from iPhone to the majority of my phones being Android. i love the Android ecosystem and the Google devices in particular. I've had all the Nexus phones up until the Nexus 6P where I jumped to the note 5 instead. But I'm head over heels for the Pixel Xl (Black) and would love to have one to review and show support for. My social media presence is really only Facebook as a lot of people I know don't use Twitter. But Facebook is the main utility I use for all my forms of tech news and advice anyway through pages I like.


I look forward to being chosen to receive a Pixel XL (Black) to review Smiley Wink




Just Registered


I have been an Apple User since the start of the iphones but  I am so far not excited with the the Iphone7 so have held off upgrading. The Pixel is quite intriguing. I would be interested in doing a trial on the basis that its a totally new operating system and device, I find the apple so easy and fuss free to use as an older person but its been a long time can I be persuaded to change ?....I use Twitter Facebook and instagram. Facebook more so  than others.


Jennett O'Neill

Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Hey @Gamgees, I would be interested in doing either of them. I have previously used a Sony Z2 handset (which was a great phone), and am interested to see if the Pixel lives up to the hype.


I work in the Melbourne CBD, but live in Regional Victoria, so I can check out their capabilities in a number of different scenarios.


Have been a mobile phone user for 21 years and have seen the eveolution of handsets from purely a phone (OK it was a bag phone), to today's do-it-all device. I really love playing around with the audio and camera settings to see what the new phones can do. Love trying to do a bit of Astrophotography with each new phone I come across just to push the limits on them.


I'm mainly a Facebook person, but starting to get into Twitter (whether Twitter itself lasts much longer is another question).

Level 2: Rookie
I would like to try the Google Pixal please. I use facebook a lot and family always ask me about phones when buying a new one.

I would be very interested and hope i get pick for testing. I wouldnt mine trying the Sony Xperia XZ if i need to.

Brett Heness
Level 1: Cadet

I think I am the connoisseur of mobile phones and technology. I have had Apple, Android and Windows and have been commonly referred to as the 'nerd' amongst my peers. This is because not only do I have knowledge of the functionality of different handsets and software, but I also have a genuine interest, and (alomst) obsession with technology, especially mobile devices. I also view mobile devices as vital components of our fast-paced lives and think that given our relience on these devices, its important to have hands-on experience so we can provide informed feedback to potential customers. Additionally, I have used the Google Nexus previously so have enjoyed and experienced clean Android, and have also had a Sony Xperia Handset and been privvy to the exceptional camera so I am happy to try either handset....but the Google Pixel is more my style. So really all I can say is "PICK ME, PICK ME." Cheers, Kim Smiley Happy

Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

I swear this has to be one awesome part of your job @Gamgees... Giving away phone after phone... haha

Shared, Shared and Shared. 


Good Luck to everyone. 


Also good to see you putting your name in @Brettheness, Hope you get the Pixel because if you do imma have a play... It is so pretty... Man TongueRobot tongue 

Level 6: Bloodhound

I loved reviewing the LG G5 handset as a mobile insider and hopefully helped a stack of people with questions through my 12 days of LG G5 goodness reviews. I can do unboxing videos and be very available to help with any questions about either device although my preference would be to review the Sony Xperia XZ. I'm of course more than happy to get my hands on the Google Pixel too.


My desire is to simply help people make an informed choice and hopefully my unbiased reviews can assist with this. I'm on Twitter @jeremygreening and instagram @jagreening and facebook too. Also just ventured on to snapchat (jagreening) as well and still figuring it out HA! Happy to use any and all forums including the CrowdSupport platform to be of assistance in getting the unbiased word out about these phones on the Telstra network so thanks for considering me.

Just Registered

Hi CrowdSupport,


how you doing?

I’d really liked to be considered to be a Mobile Insider to review either of these awesome new mobile phones or any future mobile devices.

I have been a long time telstra customer and look back fondly to my early Ericsson and Nokia mobile phones. Phones were really only used for making calls, then after a few years SMS started to become popular, then Blackberry, work, emails and then the iPhone and everything changed.

As they say, the rest is history. Does anyone make calls on a phone these days if it is not a work phone?

I have mainly used iOS devices and have enjoyed their evolution, if slow at times and have also had a few Android work phones.

While I have not had any personal Android devices I have watched as the software has developed and now that Nougat is on the scene I am very eager to try out the experience.

I am often asked by friends and family for help with their devices and would be keen to put either of these devices through their paces and answer any questions other CrowdSupport members may have.

I am on Facebook, Twitter(@pauleliott) and Instagram and have tried out many in the past and am always open to trying something new . . . . . 

(Prefer Pixel XL, though Xperia XZ also looks awesome)




Just Registered

Working in IT has exposed me to some amazing technologies, and recently I have been called upon in my role to look into the viability of certain handsets as a business solution. Having both personal and and work related use with smartphones, I have an excellent understanding of how users want to use their phones differently. 


I have also been the number one person to go to for those around me that are slightly less tech savvy, when they require advise on what device they should next get. I am always willing and able to compile lists of the pros and cons of each, give the user a choice and then offer my opinion on which is best suited to their needs. 


I am very passionate about new smartphone technologies, but can't always afford to get the latest and greatest, so often miss out every second year due to contracts. This year happens to be that year. 


If I were to review a new phone I'd have to choose the Sony Xperia XZ. I haven't used the xperia phones since the release of the original Z, so I would love to play around with the new features, and offer a valuable and honest insight into what it is to own and use the device. 


I am also friendly and approachable, and more than willing to answer questions related to the device I review. I love nothing more than helping people. 



Level 2: Rookie

To be a mobile insider. It'd be great hey. Although my online presence through Telstra is not huge I'd still like to apply on the off chance that past presence isn't as much of a factor of future presence. I'm quite active online, through a lot of niche forums. Call me old school but my main presence is on Facebook. 


I think I'd be a good member due to the full usage I give a phone. I love to test the real limits on a phone. I currently own a Galaxy S6 Edge and although I thought it was a good idea, I personally find the edge quite irritating. I run quite a lot of applications through the day that both chew the battery of my phone fairly quickly, but can also cause unwanted lag. Some of these apps include custom launchers, games that rely on location (yes, PoGo), navigation 8 hours a day and sending over ~500 texts a day. As you can imagine a lot of these things are ran at once and from my experience the S6 edge is a bit laggier than it should be, even after a format and updates.


Of the two handsets mentioned above my preference would be the Google Pixel. Why? It's the first ever 100% google phone, I'd love to justify getting it myself but as what I'd personally call a first gen phone, yes google has experience with phones, but that's with the help of LG or Huawei. Judged on all the features I've heard about it's a very good phone. But is it all it's rumoured to be?


I'd love to test the new fingerprint position. I have big hands so would it work for me? The Camera with the highest dxomark score, can it capture the beauty of the food I eat and social situations I'm in and then handle processing and filters. Or is it as generic as many other phones and the advertising the companies do claiming to have such an amazing camera. I'm also curious if the battery usage has improved on previous smart phones and if the phone experiences lag while running several applications actively. Of course there is so many more features to this phone, but right now is not the time for an essay. 


As for the Xperia XZ, It'd be my second choice in the current market of smart phones, I think Sony have done well and the aesthetics are amazing, but with lack of marketing and lack of any standout, new features, it's fairly generic. I may be wrong but the Pixel seems to be a smarter choice based on how innovative it seems. 


Best of luck to everyone and I hope whoever is chosen gives the phone good use and let's the community know how it went in testing!