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2600Mhz + 4G troubles

Hello Everyone, 


Question to the brains trust :

                 What is 2600 xHZ frequency interference? what causes it? I am told that this is the reason why all my 4G devices dont work where we live? 



Hoping to get some help and understanding of my situation so I can make an informed decision of what to do next. 


I live in post 3097 , Kangaroo Ground VIC - close to the local tower. as the crow flies maybe 200m away. 


For 5 years all our phones had issues with just basic call connectivity and then the internet on 4G.


With dual NBN fixed wireless, we managed to not worry about the phone connectivity. Now this is as issue as we are on a single connection and not a single 4G device works properly.


I have been told we have 2600 xHz frequency interference and there is nothing Telstra can do. 

I have 1 bar and apparently that is perfect on 4G for calls. 


( previously, the tech said that as we are too close to the tower, they can serve us the 4G signal from the closest tower. apparently this is why all our devices are going to a tower some 5k's or so away.)


Hoping someone can shed some light so I can make a decision on what to do next.






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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: 2600Mhz + 4G troubles

200m from the tower should be the sweet spot for reception. Especially for the higher frequencies (such as 2600MHz) which have a shorter range than the lower frequencies (700-1800MHz).

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