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Apple Watch and Telstra One Number not working

I have an Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) and I'm trying to activate OneNumber.

When I get to the mobile activation stage, the app says "Your Telstra account is not eligible to enable mobile data on your Apple Watch. Contact Telstra at 132 200 for more information".


I've spoken to Telstra on the phone, in person at a store, and on the Gold Support app, and no-one has been able to help. I've been told a few times that it's being "escalated" but then I never hear anything. I've tried activating One Number via the website and via the app, but bizarrely, I get taken to the Data Packs page and told I can't purchase any data packs because the account is suspended (the account is not suspended, and I'm definitely not trying to buy data packs).


Here's the strange part: my husband can go through the same pairing/setup on his phone, with my watch, and it gets to the Mobile Activation stage and allows him to set it up. His service is on the same account as mine. We haven't gone past that stage and actually set it up in case my watch gets permanently trapped in limbo and can never be paired with my phone again (unlikely, but given Telstra's labyrinthine accounts system and processes, it wouldn't be a surprise).


My husband, being technically minded, has suggested that my service (but not his, somehow) is stuck in some sort of activation phase, and/or migration limbo between Telstra's old and new systems. Looking back through previous support threads on this site, this issue has been prominent and apparently unsolvable for more than THREE YEARS. Telstra, this is not good enough.


Please, does anyone have a channel they went through (i.e. some genius tech they happened to get in touch with at Telstra through sheer luck) that solved the issue? Otherwise, if a Telstra rep reads this, can you *please* escalate this is a manner that gets it solved? Some folks from the past few years seem to meet some success, so there has to be a way.

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Re: Apple Watch and Telstra One Number not working

Hi there, just wanted to let you know we had the same problem and we fixed this by doing a network reset on the mobile phone your pairing. Hope this works for you also Smiley Happy

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Re: Apple Watch and Telstra One Number not working

I had the same problem with Series 6 Apple Watch today. I had a newer Telstra ID that I had to connect to my account (when Telstra upgraded the app, your Telstra ID was also upgraded). Once I added the other ID to my account, it allowed me to add Telstra One Number without any dramas. To find your newer Telstra ID, click on the “Forgot Telstra ID” setting when logging in & follow the prompts. Then open the app, go to account settings, manage Telstra IDs & add in the new ID. 

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Support Team

Re: Apple Watch and Telstra One Number not working

Hi kockleshaw. 

If you have called, chatted online and gone in store and had this escalated with no luck, and still unable to get this sorted out then I suggest it's time to raise a formal complaint. 


please speak with our team via the My Telstra App messaging service (link here https://tel.st/5eyhn). Just click on the "Get Help" menu icon and then click on the "Message Us" button and type "Complaint" and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you with this. If you get stuck on the Codi chat bot, you can type "Consultant" to get through to a team member. 

You will be given an 8 digit reference number. Be sure to write this number down and send it to me, I will note it here incase you need further help during the complaint the process.

As case manager will be assigned and will then be in contact with you so we can work towards a suitable resolution with you.

Let me know how you go.

Regards - Tom


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Re: Apple Watch and Telstra One Number not working

What do you mean by a network reset? I have no end of problems since I was forced to get a new Telstra ID a few weeks ago. Spent nearly 2 hours in a Telstra shop this morning and been on the app discussion all afternoon. No one at Telstra will admit there is a problem despite the Telstra Shop agent experiencing it first-hand. The agent could not get any sense from Telstra either.


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