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Apple Watch one number

Hi have just brought an Apple Watch series 5 . Trying to enable one number on the watch which is cellular, everyone time I get a msg during setup can not configure mobile data. Have rang telstra 6 times since Friday night have been told check for any software updates & do them, all up to date. Next unpair and start again still no luck . Next call uninstall watch app and start again didn’t work then told cancel one number and wait then unpair watch and  set up again still no luck . So frustrated with this service can anyone help ?

Rang apple support they spent over and hour looking into it with there screen mirror service then to be told Telstra is the problem. 😡

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Support Team

Re: Apple Watch one number

Hey @Hunter71, thanks for reaching out. When you spoke with tech support what was advised in regards to the issue?

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Re: Apple Watch one number

Hi! Did you ever get this sorted? I am having the same issue!!!

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Re: Apple Watch one number

I’m having the same problem the Telstra shop can’t help me nor can the tech team how many tech levels are their to fix the dam problem Apple support told me If that the service provider isn’t showing up Telstra and the the iccid number not showing even though the Telstra one number is active then it’s Telstra not picking up the problem in the back end of it and I only got the Watch last week on Friday so what the hell many unpairs and repairing the watch and updated it twice because another idiot from Telstra shop didn’t know what he was doing it’s giving me the **bleep**s every other provider like Optus can fix it at the shop why employ people who are not savi or get educated on problems like this 

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