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**bleep** pic on fiancé’s new iPhone 12 Pro Max

She has had the same iTunes account for a couple of years, from a bigpond email address I created on our Telstra account around that time. This has never shown up on her of phone, iPad etc, but as soon as she activated her new phone today, all her photos were there, along with some random guy holding his **bleep**, from “2005”.

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Re: **bleep** pic on fiancé’s new iPhone 12 Pro Max

Hi ScottyCC, probably not enough info, but as you are talking an iTunes Account, I will assume that the new phone is an iPhone? There are so many variables, like how (and where) did you previously back up your phones, how did you transfer all the old phone to the new one?. eg if they were both iPhones, this can be done quite easily and quickly between the 2 phones via Bluetooth. But it appears that you did (re)sync with iTunes, and again there are many variables, but you probably synced using the factory settings on the new phone, which were likely to be different to the settings on the old phone. Typically the factory settings on the new phone will be to sync everything, thus you got "everything"!


An inappropriate photo in your iTunes backup could have come from anywhere. You can not see any photo metadata on a phone, but to investigate further I would import that photo into "Photos" on a laptop or desktop (even someone else's machine if you don't have a Mac). Then look at the photo metadata - the little "i" in a circle top right toolbar. That will tell you everything that is known about the photo, date taken, type of camera etc, or it will show nothing which is likely to mean that it was an image downloaded from some unknown place on the internet. You could get lucky and there will be a map of where the photo was taken, then you can go around and kick his chook house down, but from 2005? unlikely?


Personally, I'd just delete the photo and forget about it. These days i prefer to just auto backup to iCloud rather than use iTunes (we are pressured more in this direction with every software update I note).


Other than the unknown photo is everything else working as required?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: **bleep** pic on fiancé’s new iPhone 12 Pro Max

I must say, it's nice to see iTunes working properly now. Get instant access to all your past photos instantly without having to dredge through them via computer, no matter how embarrassing they may be.

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