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Blocking a mobile

How can I block my daughter from using her phone  while she is away ! It is under my account and I need to teach a lesson . I have an iPhone 6 and she has an iPhone 11 thanks

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Re: Blocking a mobile

With Telstra, in theory you could use Mobile Protect to control times and website categories, but in reality Mobile Protect doesn't work properly. I had it set up for my kids' mobiles, but now the part of MyTelstra that should allow me to manage Mobile Protect has gone.


With Apple, you could use ScreenTime. You would need to create a child's Apple ID that's linked to your Apple ID, and then you can block according to a schedule or limit apps and websites. It's great once it's set up! The only way for the child to get around it is to log out of the Apple ID, so my kids don't know the Apple ID password so they can't log out!

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