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Bonus Data missing from new M plan on iPhone 6 Preorder

Hi , I'd like to make an enquiry regarding the "Bonus 1Gb Data" that was suppose to be included in my M size plan when I signed up on my iPhone 6 pre-order.


My pre-order for the iPhone was succesfully made on the 12th of September at around 5:12pm. When I received the email, it was missing the "Bonus 1Gb Data" . This was apparently an issue for some customers during pre-order on the day.


edsorder - Copy.PNG


As the M plan was eligible for the Bonus 1GB data, it should have appeared as this




(source: https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/iPhone-6-iPhone-6-Plus/A-quick-update-on-iPhone-deliveries-22...


I contacted the online support that night and was advised that the "Bonus 1Gb Data" that was quote "the reason the bonus 1GB of data is not there is because that promotion will start tomorrow.".


I've since checked my Telstra account today (22/09/2014) and have confirmed the "Bonus 1Gb Data" has not been applied to my account. It's been over 10 days since the initial enquiry and yet the bonus data hasnt been applied? Is there anyway to rectify this? I've contacted online support and still no answers.


One of the reasons I transferred across to another carrier was the promotion of this bonus data, which I've yet to see.


Your assistance is much appreciated.

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Re: Bonus Data missing from new M plan on iPhone 6 Preorder

I would give them a quick call, it should have been applied during the order being completed by the online team, the team should be able to check and see if it was applied and should hopefully be able to a modify on the service and apply it if it was not applied.

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Re: Bonus Data missing from new M plan on iPhone 6 Preorder

Thanks, I went through the online 24x7 chat and they verified it has been applied "on their end". I'll just have to wait and see when I get my new Pre-order iPhone 6 (which in itself is another story , judging from the other posts here ( I might get it hopefully....sometime....?)

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