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Call Failed and SIM activation issue

A few weeks ago I started having a problem with my iPhone 6 where about 90% of the time I tried to make a phone call I got a "Call Failed" message even though I had good service. After doing some research, I found the following solutions would temporarily fix the issue and allow me to make a call:


  • Switching airplane mode on and off
  • Turing Caller ID on and off
  • Restarting the phone
  • Dialing *#31#


As none of these were permanent solutions, I contacted Telstra support for more assistance. They suggested that I take the phone to a Telstra store so they could check out the phone and the SIM. When I did this, they gave me a new SIM and told me that it could take up to 4 hours to activate. This is when the real problem began.


After 4 hours, the new SIM was still not working. I could still make calls using my old SIM (with the Call Failed issue still present), however, I could no longer access mobile data on my old SIM. My phone showed that I had a good 3G/4G connection but the data would not work. (It did work fine on Wi-Fi though)


So I called Telstra back and was told that actually it could take up to 24 hours to activate the new SIM. 24 hours later, the new SIM was still not working so I called Telstra again. This time I was told there was a fault and that the SIM activation request would be expedited and should be resolved within 24 hours and that I would get a call back to ensure that everything was working. 24 hours later, I had not received a call back and so I called Telstra again. This time they told me that the expedited request could actually take 24-48 hours and that I would get a call back at the end of the 48 hour period. Of course after 48 hours, no call back so I called Telstra again.


This time I wasn't going to put up with any BS so I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor told me that he would expedite the SIM activation request again (another 24-28 hours) and that he would call me to update me on the status of the issue. I was also issued with a service number SR1-626117998916.


It has now been 24 hours since this call and I still have not heard from him. I have been without mobile data on my phone for 5 days, I still have the same Call Failed issue and there is no end in sight. If there are any Telstra reps on here who can assist me, it would be greatly appreciated. Failing that, I am going to demand that my contract be cancelled with Telstra due to their failure to hold up their end of the contract and I will be filing a complaint with Fair Trading.

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Re: Call Failed and SIM activation issue


This is not good to hear,

You could speak to Mobile Activations on 132200


If you are unable to get this resolved, again ring 132200 and say "Complaint"

or, you can use 24/7 Live Chat       https://livechat.telstra.com/TCOM:Crowdsupport:Consumer



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Re: Call Failed and SIM activation issue

Thank you for your suggestion!


I called Telstra on 132200 and explained my issue again. The lady I spoke with told me that it had been activated and everything should be working. It is not working! The old SIM card still has the call failed issue and can't access data and the new SIM does not work at all (it just says SOS only). She said she would escalate it to a level 3 technician to see what the problem is and that she would call me back by 1pm today.


I'm not holding my breath...

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